Arthur – 12-18 month old male Cross-Breed

Arthur is a 12-18 month old young Crossbreed. It is not certain what breeds collaborated together, in order to deliver such a sweet little chap but never the less he is a combination of all sorts. A Romanian All sorts if there were such a breed. Yes, Arthur is a new legal citizen of the United Kingdom. He came over from a horrific situation in Romania, where his options were limited. With the help of some kind ladies situated in Romania, they helped assure Arthur’s (along with 20 others) safety into the U.K mainland.

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This particular chap was extremely terrified. He had shut down through trauma, and would not, or could not bring himself to trust another human again. What happened to him out there would certainly cause discomfort to ones soul. How he kept going, day after day we would never know, but one thing is certain that he had the will to carry on.



Emaciated, tired and trembling with fear, Arthur was almost beyond help. They said it would never work, send him away, your wasting your time, let someone else have him. But those words of discouragement was ignored, and the rehabilitation progress began. He came here with issues of severe fear aggression, and extreme nervousness. It could take around 30 minutes just to get near him, without a mad panic attack. He would not eat, or drink in the presence of a human being. If you attempted to touch him, he would tremble and urinate. Trying to touch him would warrant a growl, followed by a air snap out of pure fear.

At that point it would take about 40 – 50 minutes to get a lead around his neck. The main fear of this, was based upon the fact that the Animal Welfare team in Romania would capture the dogs with the Fox Pole, so he was naturally very unsettled with ANYTHING around his neck. Once it was finally on, there was always a great resistance to the tool, as he’d never experienced a lead in this fashion. Removing the lead could take around 50 minutes also, as it was a fear factor of a tool near his head.

Moving forward was a great difficulty for him, and at any opportunity moving forward could take 60 minutes to reach 15 yards. A great deal of time has been devoted to this little chap, and he has progressed leaps and bounds. Arthur has received a bath, he is very social with other dogs, and has now learnt how to play. He eats and drinks with human company, he will take food from your hand, he can walk past chickens or cats without any bother. In fact, he is very much afraid of cats. Horses he is very respectful towards and keeps out of their way. Arthur has completed many country side walks, and city walks with confidence. He is very good with food, loves to be groomed, thrives on companionship, loves to goof around, is learning to play with a ball, and is very clean indoors.

Arthur is a new man! Yes, he still needs time to adjust, but this chap is a survivor. He is always willing to try. It helps that he is very obedient, and has good loyalty traits, which make training pleasant. Arthur has been let off lead and responded very well. During this off-lead experience, he was walking in between 15 chickens, and 35 horses. For a dog with his background and experience, this is truly amazing.

Arthur would make a superb companion to an older couple, or family with no young children. He has met children, but never lived with any previously and would better suit a quieter house-hold. Other pets are of no worry to Arthur, and may be of great benefit.

A very special dog that requires time, patience, a kind heart, with great devotion. He will provide you with his love, trust and loyalty, but you would have to earn it. It is very important that where ever Arthur goes, that he have frequent visit from the prospective owners, as he would need time to spend before settling in his new home.

For further information please get in touch.

Arthur awaits your call…

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