Ash, a 10-month-old male Croatian shepherd cross born on 04/07/2023, embodies a delightful blend of traits that make him a charming addition to any home.

Weighing a dainty 6 kg,

Ash is distinguished as the calmer sibling within his litter.

His vibrant personality is underscored by a genuine love for cuddling, play, and the occasional exuberant jump.

While Ash’s affable nature extends to interactions with other dogs, it’s important to note that he is currently in the process of being house-trained.

This developmental aspect is an opportunity for a prospective owner to engage in positive reinforcement training to shape Ash’s habits.

In terms of health, Ash has received meticulous care, being microchipped, rabies vaccinated, and twice vaccinated against infectious diseases.

The upcoming castration is part of his comprehensive care plan. Notably, Ash has tested negative for Brucellosis, and preventative measures, such as a Kennel cough Nasel, have been administered before travel.

Additionally, he has tested negative for Mediterranean diseases, ensuring a robust bill of health.

Ash’s sociable nature extends beyond his four-legged companions, as he is considered suitable for living with children over 10 years old.

However, his compatibility with cats remains untested at this point.

Currently located in Croatia, Ash comes with an adoption fee of £475. It’s essential for potential adopters to be aware that the adoption fee and a mandatory home check are integral parts of the process.

Ninas Haven, the dedicated rescue organisation overseeing Ash’s rehoming, provides a comprehensive support system, ensuring the well-being of Ash and his future family.

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