Aurora is a 7.5-year-old beautiful bull-cross who holds the title of the UK’s longest-stayer in rescue, having spent an impressive six and a half years at Lurcher Link Rescue.

Despite not fitting the typical lurcher profile and having a challenging habit, she is a super girl deserving of a forever home. Aurora is impeccably well-behaved in her kennel, responding to commands like “sit,” “paw,” “down,” and “bed.”

Her eagerness to please is evident, making her a delightful companion.

This lovely dog enjoys playing with her toys, particularly those she can’t destroy, and engages in entertaining antics, throwing them around with enthusiasm. However, potential adopters must be aware of Aurora’s specific homing requirements.

She possesses a strong prey drive and can be forceful on the lead, weighing approximately 28-30kg. An experienced owner familiar with large dogs and walking them is crucial. Aurora is currently walked with a headcollar and muzzled around other dogs, particularly smaller ones.

Aurora’s tendency to shred and destroy soft and fluffy items, including bedding and sofas, necessitates a home with a spacious garden, ample exercise opportunities, and stimulating activities to divert her from this habit.

Supervision will be essential during the adjustment period to new ways of entertainment and discouraging the destruction of soft furnishings. It’s a challenge, but one that Aurora is ready to conquer with the right adopter.

Unfortunately, Aurora is not suitable to live with cats and is not recommended for households with children due to her boisterous strength, which could inadvertently knock them over.

However, she truly deserves a loving home where she can enjoy playing in the garden and relaxing.

Microchipped, vaccinated, and spayed, Aurora is currently located at Lurcher Link Rescue near Halifax, West Yorkshire. A home check and adoption fee will apply.

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