Ava is a 5-month-old female cross-breed, one of three puppies patiently awaiting a loving home in a shelter in Croatia. Among her siblings, she stands out as the friendliest and most confident.

As a typical puppy, Ava will require standard puppy training to ensure she grows into a well-behaved companion. Notably, she has already gained all her adult teeth, suggesting that she is expected to remain small in size.

This charming canine comes microchipped, with free registration upon adoption, and has received essential vaccinations. While Ava has not yet been neutered due to her age, the responsibility of this procedure will fall upon her adopter once she reaches the appropriate age.

The shelter offers support by contributing £25 directly to the veterinary expenses incurred during the operation.

Additionally, Ava’s adopter will enjoy the benefit of 4 weeks of complimentary insurance, triggered at the time of adoption, providing a safety net for any unforeseen circumstances.

For potential adopters, it is crucial to note that Ava, like any other puppy, requires commitment to training and care. The rescue organisation provides ongoing support, ensuring a Rescue Back Up for Life.

This commitment underscores the importance of finding a suitable and dedicated owner for Ava’s forever home.

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