Baddy is an 8-month-old male puppy, a delightful cross-breed, currently located in Bosnia.

Rescued from a harsh kill shelter along with his four siblings, Baddy has undergone a remarkable recovery and is now eagerly awaiting a loving forever home.

Displaying the typical exuberance of playful puppies, Baddy is not only affectionate towards people but also enjoys the company of other dogs. However, being at the tender age of 8 months, he is in need of essential puppy training to shape his behavior and manners.

Vaccinated and microchipped with free registration upon adoption, Baddy is yet to be neutered, a responsibility that will fall upon his adopter when he reaches the appropriate age.

The adoption process also includes a contribution of £25 towards the neutering cost, directly paid to the veterinary clinic.

Additionally, Baddy comes with a thoughtful provision of 4 weeks of free insurance, which the adopter can trigger as needed. The rescue organization assures a lifelong commitment to support and backup for Baddy, ensuring his welfare for the rest of his life.

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Action Aid for Animals
Action Aid for Animals

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