Bambi – 7 year old female Fox Terrier cross Lakeland Terrier

Bambi is a 7 year old female Fox Terrier cross Lakeland Terrier.

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My name is Bambi and I came to SEDR last year when my mummy was going through a difficult time. She had hoped that the situation would be temporary and that I could return home but sadly, that did not work out. However, my friends at SEDR have been looking after me and I have been well-cared for in a wonderful foster home. The time is now right for me to find my ‘furever’ home.

I am a 7 year old Fox Terrier cross Lakeland Terrier female and I am spayed, microchipped and vaccinated. Even though I am a ‘mix’, I am 100% Terrier (and my personality is evident of that!!). I will need a home that understands and loves Terriers and our charming ‘Terrierist’ ways.

I have always been an only dog in my previous home and I would prefer to be the only diva in my new one! I can be a little shy at first but once I know you I love to have a cuddle on the sofa in the evenings with my chosen people and I will love you furever.

When I am out and about on walks, I get quite excited and barky with some dogs but can be quite fearful and gobby around others. My foster carers have been working on my reactivity and I am learning that it is much more rewarding to get a treat instead of reacting to other dogs. However, I would really like a new owner to work on my reactivity so that I can learn to be more relaxed during my walks.

Speaking of walks, I LOVE going out on new adventures!! I would like an hour’s walk each day (and if I had a few shorter ones thrown in as well, I would not complain!).

Before I lived with my previous mummy, I was used as a breeding dog and kept in a shed. Owing to my past experiences, I really appreciate being handled gently and with respect. Whilst I have been good with young children in the past, I would much prefer not to be handled by tiny hands every day. I would be happy to live with older, respectful children though (aged 12+).

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, no other humans have come to visit me. However, my foster family suspects that I would be very happy to meet new people in my home (and my former family said that I was very welcoming of visitors, just a little giddy).

In true Terrier fashion, I do long to chase small furries be they squrriel, cat or bird!! Due to the fact that my recall also needs some polishing, it would be well-advised to work on this in quiet areas, such as a secure paddock. I like travelling in the car so if you want to take me a little further afield, I’ll be very happy to go for a ride!

Whilst I know to do my toileting outside, I do sometimes forget to let my foster family know. This is because I used to live in a shed and could not tell anyone that I needed the toilet. Therefore, please do not be angry with me if I have the odd accident. In time and with patience and trust, I will make sure to tell you when I need to ‘go’. You just need to remember to let me out regularly so that I can build a proper routine and access to a proper garden would really help with this.

I do have a mildly luxating patella on my left rear leg but this has been checked out by my lovely vet (I like the vets!!) and this is causing me no pain. I will ‘hop’ on this leg occasionally during walks. My foster family have found that a regular, consistent exercise routine is best to maintain my condition. It will also be essential to ensure that you keep my girlish figure trim to avoid any unnecessary strain! Also I have a wonky claw on that leg which needs trimming regularly or it gives me gyp.

Talking of eating, my foster family say that I do like to try and sneak a cheeky chicken bone if I spot it on a walk (and I have a real penchant for juicy slugs in the garden!!). I know that I should not eat these things as they are so bad but they are so tasty (like pot noodles!!). However, I hope that you will be vigilant and help me kick my habit, especially as slugs can be very dangerous to my health.

My foster family think I am a great girl and this is what they have to say about me “Bambi has a really loving temperament and will sit quietly while you work, lie in her basket or jump up for a cuddle on your lap. She has an intrepid terrier’s side and any new owner who loves a terrier character and is prepared to help Bambi shake off her occasional fears will be richly rewarded with a very loving, giving companion.”

If you would be interested in giving me a wonderful, Terrier-savvy home, please let the folks know at SEDR by filling out an application form below.

Lots of love and kisses,

Bambi xxx

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