Meet Barley; he is a five year old castrated male Lurcher that was brought back to us in September 2006 as he didn’t get on with the other dogs in the house. Barley is a real people dog and just loves everyone he meets. He is very lively lad and will shake with excitement when he sees a friend!

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Barley loves his walks and is being trained to walk nicely on a harness walking to heel if encouraged. He enjoys a good run around therefore a secure garden is essential as he is rather an escape artist. Barley knows most of his basic commands, although he can get quite excitable, especially if he knows there is a food reward.

Careful introduction and socialisation will be required with other canines especially when out on the lead as he is rather dog aggressive. He is looking for someone that is at home most of the time as although he is fine to be left for short periods and will happily curl up in his bed being quiet and calm and not destructive, he prefers to be in the company of people. He is a playful lad that has a favourite Donald duck toy that he takes everywhere, even to bed!

Barley would suit an active couple or family that are able to give him all the attention he craves. Barley is seeking a new home without other animals, as he is dog aggressive liking to be top dog and where any children are aged 14+.

Can you offer our real people dog a new loving home?

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