Barney – 1-2 year old male Labrador Cross

Barney is a 1-2 year old male Labrador Cross. “I was with something that gives me long supermodel legs (sighthound maybe!) I stand at approx. 26cm to my shoulder, so I am somewhat taller than a Labrador – simply making more of me to love!

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I have been vaccinated, neutered and microchipped. I came to SEDR as an unclaimed stray, and it’s apparent I haven’t known a good life before arriving here.

I am an extremely shy but sweet boy, whose demeanour appears as a much older dog than I am. If you come to meet me, please know I will be a little worried and you’ll need to win my trust (tasty treats help!) I have no aggression. I just need to know you are a good person before I give you my heart.

I am looking for a quiet home – without children as their ‘funny barks’ scare me. I adore other dogs and would benefit from having another dog in the home who is confident and playful and who will be a good role model for me to learn from.

I will need a home in a quiet area with a nice peaceful garden for me to relax in.

I have been in a foster home to be assessed – which I loved! Here’s what my foster mum says about me – Quote.

Barney is the sweetest dog who just needs a gentle person or two and a quiet home. He follows me around the house and enjoys gentle fussing and cuddles. He loves to sleep in the armchair.

Now he is feeling more comfortable with me, he is starting to show a slightly more playful side and will sometimes playfully mouth / nibble my arm if he is over-excited.

Barney loves food and treats which is a real bonus in terms of his training, helping him settle and making new human friends (I wouldn’t leave any food lying around though, as it’s unlikely to still be there when you get back.

Barney is not a fan of the car and will lie on the floor in front of the seats in the back of the car. He is housetrained and sleeps all night in a bed next to mine. He gets worried by loud noises and children screaming and is reluctant to walk in busy areas.

Barney is learning that it’s okay for him to go out in the garden on his own… but this is a work in progress. My garden is close to a busy road and noisy pedestrians, which is not ideal for him.

Barney would be much happier in a quiet garden where he can relax and sunbathe! He has just started playing with toys – it is a joy to see that he is feeling more confident.

Barney’s had a little dig in the garden and started to do zoomies too – he is just the sweetest boy!

I am going to miss this handsome boy but know he will thrive in a quiet home with someone who has the time and patience to teach him all the things he missed out on and undo all the horrible things that have happened to him previously to make him so worried about life when he first arrived.

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