Bella – 1 year old female Cross-Breed

Bella is a 1 year old female Cross-Breed. She is lower medium size and she is house trained, lead trained. She is friendly with kids and also friendly with other dogs. She is currently is in Burton-upon-Trent, DE15.

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Bella is very very friendly, loving, very playful and active sweet and very clever girl. She loves kids and other dogs, loves absolutely everyone. Previous owners said she has separation anxiety and doesn’t like to be left on her own. But after she settled at current foster home (2-3 weeks), she never showed separation anxiety issues.

She is normally left for a maximum 3-4 hours a day with other resident dogs. She adores the other dogs and wish to play all the time with them. Her only fault is that she not always understand the signals from other dogs when they wish to stop playing and understand the border with other dogs. And a few times was bitten by foster resident dogs for not stopping disturbing them offering to play.

But she never showed any signs of aggression herself, never ever went for another dog even in response and even after being punished by the other dog, still actively showing her friendship and wish to be nearby with no offence. She can make an absolutely great addition as the second dog and playmate to the young and active medium/large resident dog: the owners can relax as both dogs will be engaged by themselves.

Bella is perfect on the lead, perfect in a car, fully toilet trained. She is very good and friendly with children of all ages, but taking in account that she is very active and playful, we would rather recommend her for a family with kids 8-9+ years old.

Bella need very little work to form her nice dog habits and will benefit a lot with puppy/obedience classes. She was assessed by dog trainer and demonstrates a high level of intelligence, she is very quickly learning. Just need someone to teach her to understand what her human wish her to do ( ONLY force-free positive reinforcement methods, no outdated “alpha” or other harmful dominance techniques).

Bella came to UK 7 months ago as a puppy, but unfortunately the family decided to re-home her. That’s what her previous family says about her: ” She is a very loving dog and love to go on long walks. She is very good with children of all ages. We did not have any bad moments with her with our 3-year-old daughter.

She always takes care of our daughter cries, but our situation changed and she needs someone who is with her always and take her outside for walks and give her attention and more time” Bella has no known health issues; Not neutered (new family should commit to neuter her, rescue will contribute to the costs). Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms/fleas treatment, microchipped.

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