Belle is a 10-year-old female Schnauzer cross.

Beautiful Belle is an intelligent girl who is full of personality. Sadly, she hasn’t had the best start in life and can be nervous of new people. She doesn’t appreciate being overhandled by strangers but once she’s built up trust with someone, she’s quick to show her affectionate side and enjoys receiving love and attention.

She loves going for long walks, taking in all the best smells but prefers to keep her distance from other dogs. She also enjoys basking in the sun and rolling around in the grass.

In the right home with an understanding and patient owner, this girl will make a loving and loyal companion.

Other Notes

Belle builds strong bonds and can become stressed when left alone. She’ll need a home where someone can be around during the day, however, once settled in her new home she could, on occasion, be left home alone for a few hours. Due to her nervous nature, she’ll need to live in an all adult home without visiting young children.

Belle will try to avoid contact with other dogs and can sometimes be grumpy to those that approach her so will need an owner who will give her guidance and reassurance where needed. Belle has hearing loss. Whilst she is not totally deaf, she doesn’t respond to verbal cues. She has learnt hand signals whilst being on foster and responds very well to them.

We can provide 3 free sessions with our Mayhew Animal Behaviourist to help settle Belle into her new home. This sweetest of souls will make the most loyal and loving companion for someone who will take the time to love and understand her sensitive nature.

Belle has been neutered, microchipped, vaccinated and is up to date with flea and worm treatment. Belle has also been health checked and behaviourally assessed.

Foster Carer Comments

We’ve now had Belle for over a year. She’s broken the record for our longest foster. When I tell people this when they meet Belle they find it very odd. Why has no one adopted her? She is such a sweet, intelligent, loving soul. She is very obedient and well behaved.

Belle does have issues though which might put people off and make her less appealing or less easy to adopt. But of the dogs we’ve fostered she’s actually one of the less challenging ones. She’s quiet and peaceful, never had an accident in the house and never ever been destructive.

Belle is hard of hearing. While not totally deaf, she doesn’t hear verbal commands. But she is bright and keen to engage. So she has easily learnt sign language. She responds to hand signals for stop, sit, wait, paw, other paw, No, and “all gone”.

You do of course have to get her attention in order for her to see the hand signals… Belle is scared of being approached by strange dogs, especially larger ones She will react and quickly let them know to back off. Once you know this you learn to be aware and try and avoid it happening.

She sees a small group of dogs regularly in the park and over the months has grown to trust them and become friends. She actively seeks them out now, especially as some of the softer owners often give her treats and cuddles. Belle is wary and distrustful of being handled by strangers.

When she first came to stay with us she would seek cuddles but tolerate it for only very a short time and then get anxious. But over time she has grown to trust us. She will come and jab your hand with her nose to get you to stroke her.

If you stop before she’s had enough, it’s another jab with the nose. She’ll climb on the sofa and lie down next to you and roll over onto her back for tummy tickles and might even start ‘talking’ while you rub her belly.

Belle is such a rewarding dog to look after. The right person would be so so lucky to have her come and make their home her forever home too.

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