Benji is a 6-month-old male American Bulldog cross Labrador. He’s a handsome black and white pup, with a friendly disposition and a penchant for cuddles.

Benji has quickly become a beloved member of the household, forming close bonds with his human family.

Despite his young age, Benji displays a remarkable level of calmness and maturity, preferring to spend his time lounging with his people rather than engaging in typical puppy antics, though he does enjoy the occasional romp around the garden.

He gets along well with other dogs, especially his foster siblings, and he’s quick to learn from them during training sessions.

With a keen interest in food, Benji is easily motivated during training sessions with the right treats. He tends to seek reassurance from other dogs during training and is still in the process of learning, as training is an ongoing endeavour for a puppy of his age.

Benji is generally well-behaved but can be reactive towards small, yappy dogs, often barking back at them. He’s also a fan of water and enjoys splashing around in puddles or the sea. Additionally, Benji is comfortable with grooming and handling, making tasks like bathing and cleaning his ears a breeze.

Likes: Sunbathing, playing in water, zooming around the garden, snoozing, food, cuddles, walks, chewing on toys, and being around people, including strangers.

Dislikes: Cats, birds, loud motorbikes, reactive dogs, and being left alone for extended periods.

Benji has had positive interactions with children of various ages, including toddlers, and is particularly gentle and calm around them. He’s walked on a harness and lead, though he can be strong initially and may display slight leash reactivity towards certain dogs.

While not crate-trained, Benji can be left alone for short periods without issue, though he prefers the company of other dogs. He has a tendency to chew on items like shoes and remotes but responds well to redirection and the word “no.”

Reactive or aggressive behaviour has been observed in Benji, particularly during meal times when he may bark and lunge at other dogs if they approach his food.

However, he’s receptive to training treats around other dogs and is continuously being positively reinforced as part of his training. Benji is also reactive to livestock and some dogs on lead, though this behaviour is not indicative of aggression.

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