Benjie – 7-8 year old male Cross-Breed

Benjie is a 7-8 year old male Cross-Breed. He is fine with cats and good with children. (He always barks when people first come in, however). He was taken in by a lady who has since become unwell herself. He is a loving little chap. He hasn’t been played with but will sometimes toss a ball all by himself.

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He enjoys feed toys and is very very determined, spending a long time getting the treats that are inside. Bennie has perfected his ‘beg’ when he needs something. But he has had no real help with training which is a real shame as he’s so bright.

He is not always clean indoors, due to his past. This needs a consistent routine. In part due to not getting out on good walks. He tends to bark at visitors but is NOT in any way aggressive. It’s attention seeking behaviour. He does have canine visitors and is fine with them.

He walks well on a lead. Likes going out. Likes to sleep in the bedroom on the bed. Please please share so that Bennie can settle down in a new home where he can find rest and peace, finally. He does not like being left alone at home. He is not destructive.

Animal Action Essex
Animal Action Essex

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