Benny – 1 year old male Shih Tzu

Meet Benny a year old Shih Tzu Terrier fostered in Essex. Benny came to animalactiontrust when his owner could no longer manage grooming poor Benny. Benny was in pain and tried to stop us shaving off huge lumps of compounded hair balls. Eventually we made it and Benny is picking up self esteem. He is okay with gentle kind children and also good with cats and other dogs. He is in costume to cover his nakedness not because he enjoys being dressed up. Benny actually loves the mud and the outdoors. So beware, his grooming will be an expense to consider. He must never get in a mess again.

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A few words from his fosterer: Benny has started playing, we gave him a ball and he loves it and plays fetch. He’s also started playing with us chasing hands etc. His face is lightening up and doesn’t smell any more as it’s now dry. He let me trim some more around his face and I don’t need to bathe it anymore as the nasty lumps have now gone and his eyes are no longer producing mucous (amazing stuff camomile tea!). He’s not scratching at all which is great and the flea bite scabs are starting to come off. He still likes to guard his paws but I’m sure it’s remembered pain as he snatches them away instinctively then relaxes and lets you hold them. I’m brushing him all over each day with a baby hairbrush which he doesn’t need but I am trying to de sensitise him to grooming so that he never gets grotty again. I’m so proud of him, he’s slowly getting there.

Animal Action Essex
Animal Action Essex

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