Berlin is a 2-3 year old male German Shepherd Cross. He is a rescue from Cyprus currently living in Sutton, Cambridgeshire. Here is a little about him. Berlin has a gorgeous black and tan coat with a fabulous tail. He is quiet, curious and does accept new people in the home and will settle in his bed.

He has settled with all the other dogs in the home and has never displayed unsociable behaviour. He is obviously used to outside living and is very happy in the garden when the fosters are doing outside activities. He happily takes himself to the dog beds/floor blankets and occasionally the sofa.

He will join another dog on the sofa and will remain if one of the others joins him. The foster home allows dogs to have full access of the house including upstairs but Berlin has yet to attempt joining everyone upstairs. At night he settles with all the dogs downstairs.

During the night the other dogs make their way upstairs and he remains happy until the household stirs and he lets them know he is waiting to be let out. His personality is starting to come through and he is becoming playful. He is eager to greet the children when they return home and loves a head scratch, behind the ear and head stroke.

He remains very easy on the lead on street walks. The street walks are next to a busy road and after initial fearfulness to bigger, noisy traffic, he is settling to the street walk. With the other dogs he follows our pack and returns to us. He is safe sociable and eager to play.

He hears and responds to No stop and wait. He is eager to please and responds well with or without treats. Further training will be to progress to lead free with guaranteed recall. He had a full vet check in Cyprus and had all required vaccinations.

However soon after his arrival in the UK his pre flight blood did show he had contracted leishmania. He has had his treatment and is now just on cheap daily medication and will need a blood test in the future just to confirm his dosage is correct and all is well. That cost will be covered by his rescue Saving Souls and he should go on to lead a long, healthy and normal life.

Berlin is a very lovely dog, with a calm disposition and easy personality. Everyone he has encountered has been complimentary on his disposition and looks.

We feel he would settle well in a small or large family. He is used to being around other dogs and it would be great for him to be best placed with a family with another established dog. He has been neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped. Minimum adoption donation of £375 applies. ADOPTION IS SUBJECT TO A SATISFACTORY APPLICATION AND HOME CHECK.

Post adoption support is available from his rescue. His rescue must be informed at any time of a change in circumstances and their dog returned to one of their volunteers where required. Berlin must never be handed over to any UK Rescue or sold or adopted on without their knowledge. We will always endeavour to rehome our dogs if necessary.

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