Bertie – 12 month old male Cross-Breed

Bertie came to Starfish in December last year. He spent over a month in his foster home living in a family home with teenagers, cats and dogs. Bertie was the perfect house guest, got on great with the dogs and cats, great off the lead, house trained. For a young dog, he is incredible calm and sweet and has not got a bad bone in his little body. He is a quiet boy and was wary around the young boy who is 13 in the house not in a bad way but was unsure and a bit scared at times by the time he left he was much more confident. We decided because of his quiet sweet nature and lack of confidence at times he would be better off in a quiet home with a couple as he was not a rough and tumble dog – we were lucky he had his choice of homes and we choose an older couple with a dog and cat – we thought it would be perfect for him.

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Bertie bonded very closely with the lady in the house, he loved his new sister and was fine with their cat. He attended obedience lessons and gained he Bronze Award in a lot of ways he was the perfect dog but unfortunately 3 months later he has come back to us due to him not really bonding with the husband. Sometimes he was okay and other times he would shake and hide. His mummy was heart broken but they would not give any longer so back he has come. He has settled back into his original foster home with no problems. He loves his foster mummy, he is fine with the children and husband but yes can be wary at times but is getting better everyday. We are quite shocked he has come back as we really feel in time he would have been fine. His brother and sister were successfully homed here in UK in fact his brother is a mans dog, his sister loves his mummy and daddy but both are quiet dogs shy with new people – they have all had the same up bringing. They were born in rescue and in a quiet isolated place in Spain all were in foster but living in a house with a lovely couple with many dogs.

We are so sad for a dog like Bertie to find himself looking for a home again. He is fine and has settled down but we really have to be 100% sure this time for him we cannot have him messed around where he bonds with someone and loves them again and it does not work out otherwise we will end up with a dog with issues that never had any. In a lot of ways he is the perfect dog well trained, good with other dogs, good with people, fab off the lead, good with cats, but because of him being returned we have to be more specific on the rehoming this time. We trust what people tell us about themselves etc and could not do this job without this and I know there will be people who say it does not matter he can be shy with men and that they will give him all the time he needs but what happens if he gets given up on again how is this going to affect him in the long run a dog with no issues and no anxiety will develop it because of people’s expectations. So sorry if we sound specific but this is about Bertie this time.

The ideal home for him and for us to be safe would be to live in a house with a lady or women with another dog or dogs he gets on with dogs and bitches with no problems – remember he can live with cats too. He is one of the most sweetest loveliest dogs and if the right home does not come along then we will keep him we are not having a sweet loving little dog being messed around ever again – Bertie will give you his heart if you give him time and will be loyal loving little friend, he loves his walks and bounces around the woods, fantastic off the lead, back home he is quite happy to potter around the garden or lay in his bed chewing his bone, him and Toddy will often have a romp around the garden first thing and then settle down.

If you have visitors he will be fine as long as they ignore him to begin with he is easily black mailed with food but if you want a dog that will bounce up to people with delight then Bertie is not for you – these are the only negatives he has and these will go if you give him time to build his confidence up – He loves me and will bounce all over me, play with me and cuddles up to me to move him again is going to be tough probably more for us than him – he is not a difficult dog but one of the easier’s dogs he is just shy with new people and men but with no malice. He loves his training and would probably enjoy agility too but not competition standard just for fun as he is such a clever little boy.

We have some lovely pictures and videos of him – if you go on the link it will give you more idea about our little man. Bertie has been neutered, is fully vaccinated, chipped and has his own Pet Passport he has also been blood tested.

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