Big Doug – 3 year old male Bulldog

Big Doug is a 3 year old male Bulldog. He has found himself back looking for a new home, through no fault of his own. This fantastic boy really will make a great pet for the right family, but we would encourage any adopters to read his full write-up before considering whether he’s the dog for you.

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Big Doug is full of personality. He’s silly, bouncy, clever, has zero concept of personal space and is always making us smile. He loves learning new things, treats, toys and exploring the countryside with his carers. There is always time for a snuggle on the sofa too!

Although Big Doug is always trying his best, there are lots of ‘things’ in his world that can be difficult for him. He doesn’t recover particularly well from experiences that worry or frustrate him and there are occasions where it all gets too much for him. This can lead to undesirable behaviours which can be difficult to manage.

It is important that Doug’s new family have a good understanding of body language and that this is not him being ‘naughty’, it’s his way of expressing how completely overwhelmed he is and needing help. The staff at Teckels have been working really hard to teach Doug some new skills to be able to cope a little better in the big wide world.

However, as much as we try, we are simply not a home environment and there is more that Doug needs to learn to be successful in his future. We have invested time in managing his behaviour, but new owners will need to be truly dedicated to teaching him to overcome some of his worries.

To help Doug settle into his new life, adopters will need to meet him on several occasions to build a good relationship and be confident and well-practiced with his training before he comes home. He will also require home visits to ensure that his skills can be transferred successfully from our environment to yours.

Doug will need to live in a quiet location (away from busy roads) with a private, fully enclosed garden, ideally big enough for him to have a bit of a run around. He will need to be the only pet in the home and he is not suitable to live with children. He can be left for short periods, but it may be best that his new family are around for most of the day to offer him the support he needs.

Doug can be strong on the lead and will need plenty of exercise once settled, so a relatively active lifestyle would be great too! He also loves going in the car. Big Doug is definitely going to be a ‘project’ dog and life might not always be smooth sailing with this handsome chap, but we can see great potential in him and he really deserves to find his happy ever after.

Teckels Animal Sanctuaries Gloucester
Teckels Animal Sanctuaries Gloucester

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