Binky is a lovely 3 year old Greyhound lad who has settled straight in here with the pack with no problems whatsoever. He has been clean apart from two mishaps in the first few days which were totally my fault and not his. First time I fed him in the crate and forget to let him out straight away (Greyhound eat then need to peeeeeee now!) so he weed in the crate. The second time it was blowing a gale and teaming down with rain, I opened the door for them all and didn’t notice he ran out then back in and I don’t blame him and tried to go in the kitchen, one shout he stopped went back outside and finished off.

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He gets on well with all of my dogs and we haven’t had any incidents a couple of curled lips to begin with then nothing now there is four other big males here so that is fabulous. One thing I have noticed is Binky is a very quiet and lazy dog, but he is also a bit of a sheep because he is that easy to please. The only time he gets bouncy is one of my male lurchers here Sam does and Binky feels he has to join in because well that is what you do right?? Thing is the poor lad doesn’t really want to be going boingy and mad so I think in a house with another lively dog he would get very very stressed out and confused. Definately a female sight-hound companion would be his perfect mix.

Binky is still spending around four hours a day on his own in the crate in the kitchen away from the other dogs, not forced but because he enjoys his own time and the comfort of the bed in there, he won’t come up stairs at night so also sleeps in there and he wont still come up onto the sofa. Only did it once on his first day here and hasnt tried again since.

Binky is a bit of a shrinking violet when it comes to ask for cuddles so he struggles quite a bit in this house for attention. He isn’t one to push the other dogs out of the way when they come trying to demand attention so I have to make sure I give him so Binky time everyday. Again an indicator that a smaller pack would be best for the lad as opposed to a bigger pack or he would just sit quietly and let it all pass. He would love to cuddle up to my dogs but they wont allow it so he has now stopped trying and its rather sad to see.

We have been going out and leaving Binky crated whilst we are away and he settles down and is absolutly fine. He would just as happily exist as an only dog as long as he had plenty of human company around although would get a little lonely I think with full time workers and no other dog for company.

Binky travels well and is the perfect gentleman in the car he settles down quickly and goes to sleep. He still isnt to confident about jumping up into the car itself so needs a little shove up.

On walks his behaviour is already improving and im able to manage him and three of my other males, two who have the same adverse behaviour. You just need to be vigilant and keep a good hold of him, I use a harness and also attach it to his collar. He will still try to have a go at my dogs if another off leash dog is running in the distance but with the use of a muzzle is controlled.

In a situation where you were just walking two either side it wouldnt be a problem and I stand still with him till the other dog has gone out of sight and he settles back down quickly. He does not turn and try and nip his handler which is good and more than I can say for mine  so I only cop for bumps and bruises off my own dogs

All in all with a bit of patience and love Binky is the perfect dog. He is eager to please, adores his cuddles, very submissive to the others in the pack and doesnt try and push his way up the ladder. He will make someone very very happy.

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