Binzi – 8 week old male Chow Chow

Binzi is an 8-week-old Chow Chow, who found himself in a rescue situation after being separated from his mother at just 5 weeks old and subsequently passed around the local area for sale.

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Unfortunately, this early separation took a toll on him, leading to shock, requiring fluids, and revealing a slight case of entropion, a condition the vet believes he should outgrow. Despite his rocky start, Binzi is a bundle of energy, eager to explore the world around him.

Binzi gets along well with other dogs, showcasing his adaptable nature. While initially a bit shy around people, it’s expected that, given his tender age, he will gradually become more socialized with the right guidance.

However, it is crucial to note that Binzi is not recommended for households with children. Instead, he requires an adopter who possesses prior experience with Chow Chows, understanding their unique needs and characteristics.

Prospective adopters of Binzi should be prepared for the responsibility of caring for a young Chow Chow, ensuring a nurturing environment for his development.

A commitment to a neuter contract with the rescue is part of the adoption process, along with the requirement of providing vet history. This ensures Binzi’s well-being and contributes to responsible pet ownership.

Great Bulls of China
Great Bulls of China

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