Blue is a 3 year old female Husky Cross. She was originally rescued from Cyprus and arrived in the UK in October 2020.

Since then she has been given so much love and been well cared for, but sadly her family feel that they’re just unable to give her the lifestyle and environment that she truly needs to thrive.

Blue is thought to be a combination of Labrador, Shepherd and Husky and is a genuinely beautiful dog. Ultimately, Blue needs a rural home outside of the city.

Right now she is living in London and we feel this is where the vast majority of her behavioural concerns have stemmed from because the environment is simply too much for her to cope with.

First and foremost let’s start with the positives. Blue is a wonderful companion and a very devoted dog with those she knows and trusts.

Blue has so much personality and is a highly intelligent dog who picks up new tricks and games very quickly.

Blue thrives on mental enrichment and appreciates her ‘rest days’, playing more indoor brain games than physical, which gives her a chance to reset from the triggers that make her anxious outside.

Blue loves playing tug, and ‘find it’ in the house with toys and treats – her sense of smell is amazing! She also loves her sleep and when relaxed she can snooze for hours. Blue is an active dog and benefits from a good, long walk.

Blue is much happier in big open spaces with lots of places to sniff – this is also a really good activity for decompressing.

In a more rural environment where she has these opportunities on her doorstep, rather than walking through busy London to get to more quiet places, we think she would be so much happier. Unfortunately, Blue is reactive to other dogs and gets overwhelmed even at long distances.

Blue does have a select few doggy friends that she enjoys going for sniffy walks with, but it’s taken time for her to reach this point. With gentle, patient introductions she can make friends very gradually, but this still requires management.

Blue is also not confident around strangers, especially when they enter her home. With those she does know and trust though, she is nothing but love, and gets super wiggly around them!

We feel that a lot of Blue’s triggers are exacerbated by her environment, and in a location where her cortisol levels can decrease and she can enjoy a much calmer, quieter lease of life, we would expect to see some of these issues lessen.

Regardless, Blue needs a patient, understanding and experienced adopter to help her make progress. They also need a secure, private garden. Blue is looking for a pet-free home without any other dogs and no cats.

Blue has a high prey drive and will chase given the opportunity. Although she’s never responded negatively to a child based on Blue’s anxiety at the moment we’re looking for a home without any kids.

We just want a laidback home setting for her, where she can gradually adjust, decompress, and hopefully feel much more content. Blue’s journey will take some hard work but seeing her progress will be extremely rewarding. Blue is currently based in Walthamstow, London, and has a clean bill of health minus some mild allergies. She is ready to find her new forever home.

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