Blue is a 7 month old male Cross-Breed.

Blue arrived as a foster dog on the 7th April and has been adapting to life in the UK really well. He is currently being fostered in Livingston, Scotland and has been taking everything in his stride like a little champ.

Blue and his siblings were abandoned together when they were around two months old and all ended up in the shelter in Cyprus.

They were so young, it was heartbreaking to see an entire litter discarded in such a way, but despite their shaky start Blue and his siblings have shown themselves to be very resilient and forgiving.

Blue is described as affectionate, curious, intelligent, friendly and stubborn by his foster family. He has adapted really well to life in a home after leaving the shelter and in just a few weeks his personality has really emerged.

His confidence has grown in a short space of time and if there’s an occasion where something does unnerve him a little, it just takes someone providing reassurance and showing him that it’s okay for him to feel better about it. He responds really well to encouragement from his fosters.

Blue loves people. He has no issues being approached, or approaching on his own. He also has no problems being handled and would happily be picked up and cuddled by anyone, anywhere!

He absolutely loves human touch and attention and he would nap on your lap all day given the opportunity. After his very first bath, his fosters wrapped him up in a blanket and let him sleep under the duvet which he made clear was the best thing since sliced bread with happy little groans!

Blue is really good with children of any ages and likes the fact that they’re close to him in height. He has met children of various ages in different environments, all of whom he was friendly and gentle with, and he happily walks up to them and asks for pets.

He really enjoys the attention they offer and at a recent dog show, Blue sat alongside a three year old and was very content in his company, whether he was fussing him or not. He sat happily and was very well behaved.

We feel that Blue has really benefitted from living in a home with other dogs and we would like to ensure that we replicate that type of environment for him in his forever home, as it’s been so conducive to his progress. He is fantastic with other dogs regardless of their size, gender, breed or age, and could live with males or females.

He settles and learns household rules much quicker in the company of other dogs, and really enjoys the playtime and interaction they can offer. He is still probably more human oriented overall, but we think he would prefer a home with another dog.

Blue is currently living with a resident cat and has ben completely fine with her but she is very dog-savvy and confident. When out on walks, he is curious about cats on the streets, as well as squirrels and birds, so if the resident cat was very flighty and skittish this wouldn’t be such a good match.

In the short space of time Blue has been in the UK he has learned sit, down, wait (for his food), the early stages of recall training, and responds well to distraction cues to get him to disengage.

He has heaps of potential to continue learning new things as he’s very intelligent. He could easily get stuck into training groups or scentwork, especially the latter as his nose is always on the ground searching for the next exciting discovery. He is also in the process of crate training, and is doing great with house training (provided regular breaks happen as he’s still so young).

The one notable thing that a new family will need to be prepared to work on is Blue’s separation anxiety, as he doesn’t like being left alone. He is however getting better and this will improve with time and routine, and is again something that having other dogs helps to alleviate a little.

Blue is a gorgeous boy both in character and appearance, and he would be a wonderful addition to a family household. He loves being involved and is proving to be very adaptable, intuitive and loyal.

He is both affectionate, and lively, so would be equally great at both snuggling on the sofa, and enjoying a long explore in the countryside. He’s highly trainable and very human focused, and just has so much potential to make a lovely family companion.

Blue is currently based in Livingston, West Lothian, and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to meet his new forever family.

  • How big? Medium as adult
  • How old? Puppy (estimated DOB 05.11.2023)
  • Male or female? Male
  • Living with kids? I can live with children
  • Living with dogs? I can live with other dogs
  • Resident dog required? Preferred
  • Living with cats? I can live with confident, dog-savvy cats
  • Where can I live? I’d like a moderately active home
  • Where am I from? Cyprus, now in West Lothian (Cyprus adoption fee applies)
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