Bo is currently in Norwich in foster and is looking for his forever home. Cross breed and 2 years old.

Bo is a lovely, friendly, happy and energetic boy. He’s extremely friendly towards dogs he meets on walks or in cafés and he’s more than happy to have a play with the dog or a cuddle with the owners!

He loves to play with tennis balls or anything with a squeak. He’s happiest playing fetch in the garden or snoozing on the sofa.

Since he’s been in our family he’s been well socialised with other dogs and environments. He enjoys going to pubs and cafés and will sit beautifully for a bit of sausage or a treat.

He walks on the lead, he can heel but if he’s overexcited he forgets how to. He also sits, gives his paw and has good recall. He’s extremely food orientated, so treats are vital for the continuation of his training. Bo loves food, he’s very good and will sit and wait before eating..

Bo is fascinated by small furry animals, so as such I wouldn’t place him with a cat as he has chased my neighbour’s cat in the past. Bo loves children, he’s very good with any toddlers etc and doesn’t pay much attention to them unless they approach him.

He is now fully house trained.. He will sleep well overnight in his bed/sofa although he likes a morning cuddle after his biscuits.

Bo does suffer from separation anxiety and gets anxious if left too long so he needs a home where there is somebody around most of the time or maybe as one of a large pack so he feels safe

Bo is at his happiest when he’s surrounded by people and other dogs. I also think he’d love a home where agility or something along those lines was involved as it would really focus his mind and give him the opportunity to run – something which he also loves to do.

Bo is extremely eager to please and would be a fantastic addition to the right home.

He is vaccinated, micro chipped and neutered with no health issues.

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