Bolo, 4 year old and he’s in West Sussex. Cross breed and medium in size.

Bolo is 4 years old and is currently in West Sussex and is looking for a foster or forever home.

Bolo is full of so much love and loyalty for his family. He loves to play with small balls and chase things and play with other dogs.

Bolo’s behaviour is usually very good when on walks and he walks well on a lead. He becomes anxious with sudden noise and becomes really frightened and on those occasions can pull to get away.

Since the arrival of an unexpected baby in the home he has become more and more anxious and we feel he would be happier in an adult home although he has never reacted to the baby but has just become more nervous and anxious.

We feel the best home for Bolo would be in a quiet household as he does not like a busy noisy home. He just wants to go for a long walk and then cuddle up on the sofa with his family.

Bolo is fine with older kids so long as they are calm as he would become worried and anxious by a lot of noise.

Bolo does not show signs of food aggression, and eats well alongside the other dog. He is food orientated when training. Bolo lives with a cat, and he seems relatively unbothered by him. Bolo does like to chase the cat outside, but it’s more in a playful manner than aggressive. They sit indoors together with no issues.

Bolo is house trained and it is extremely rare that he will have an accident in the home. He has always slept pretty well through the night.

Bolo can be left for short periods of time with no separation anxiety, He would be better in a child free home, where there is calm and quiet (maybe with an older couple who can give him the attention he requires).


We feel Bolo may gain some confidence from living with another dog, but he would be absolutely fine as an only dog. Bolo is a really loving dog, but his anxiety and fear just hold him back from people seeing his true personality most of the time. Once he trusts you, all he wants is to be with you.

Bolo’s fears have gotten much worse since the arrival of the baby and he seems more relaxed when in other homes or outside so we are looking for a home where he can be more peaceful

If Bolo’s anxiety and fears needs to be addressed and supported further with his new family we would offer training support to anybody interested in this boy He is about 18 kg and is neutered ,microchipped and vaccinated with no health issues.

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