Brackon – 11 month old male Border Collie

Handsome Brackon is 11 months old and is an entire male Border Collie. He is a gorgeous blue tri merle color and is of a medium build with a lovely shiny healthy short coat. Brackon is being rehomed as he was bought for a young teenager who was his main carer. Sadly, the child did not have any support with training Brackon and soon began to struggle with handling him as he grew in size and strength. Please check out our website for more details and almost 100 pictures of this gorgeous boy !!

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Brackon has been in his foster home for around a month now and is doing brilliantly with his basic training and has learned that he does not need to nip or mouth people, though he can ‘forget himself’ when very excited and does need a gentle reminder to leave ! He’s incredibly loving and friendly and really enjoys the company of our own dog and plays with her every day now he’s settled. He’s been absolutely brilliant with other dogs but I have not tested him with cats yet, though he may be able to live with one that stands its ground as he is a good learner !!

Brackon adores children and is currently in foster with our 4 1/2 year old and quickly learned that the chasing and nipping he was allowed to get away with in his last home was no longer allowed and he now understands that children can be rewarding if you play fetch or snuggle up on the sofa like a good lad. Brackon is quite food focused so does need careful watching at meal or snack times or he will try his best to scoff everything for himself … cheeky puppy !! He is getting more aware of his body but he may still accidentally bump or bowl over a young child so you’d need to be prepared for this.

Brackon is just about the most perfect sort of rescue puppy you can get … he’s stunningly handsome, great traveling in the car, is fully house-trained, sleeps downstairs at night quietly and without chewing, was a total dream camping at a small agility show (including being crated and sleeping in a tent on very windy nights!), was a good boy visiting the KCI festival and BFA championships last month, he settles down in the day either at your feet or next to you on the sofa and is just completely LOVELY !! Although Brackon has progressed absolutely brilliantly, he still needs work putting in with his heelwork so that he does not lunge on the lead as he will if he thinks he’ll get away with it and also needs more work with his recall as he has learned how to avoid being caught again !!

Brackon is only just learning to be left alone while we are out. I have got as far as leaving him for 20 minutes or so while I go and collect my little boy from school, I dont know if he barks at all but he is always quiet and waggy-tailed when I get home! I feel that he would soon get used to being left as he is still young and not destructive, just a little vocal !! He’ll just need some work putting in at first and a bit of help to make sure he settles and doesn’t bark if you have neighbors close by (for example perhaps a walk first, or a kong with his breakfast in to keep him busy?).

We all think he is a perfect puppy boy who is one in a million and will soon be settled as your best friend once you take him home !!

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