Bruno is a 12 year old male German Shepherd Dog. Bruno update from his foster family: Our 12yo elderly gent will be looking for a forever foster home. He is extremely stubborn, extremely loving, extremely stubborn, extremely energetic, extremely stubborn. He requires a personal butler to attend to his daily activities. He is learning the word “no” but whines and whinges to try and get his own way. He sofa surfs and bed surfs. He does show his age in his legs but it doesn’t stop him bouncy on the bed and helling round the garden.

Bruno is lacking quite a lot of hair, especially on his back, foster mum hacked chunks of mats out the size of grapefruits. He loves the shower and is starting to smell more pleasant. Bruno can be homed with cats and is very tolerant of older dogs that are not demanding. He will not be homed with young energetic dogs nor young children. He is entire. He could live with an older dog, but not in a multi dog household.

CGSR will be looking for a forever sofa for Bruno. The rescue will pick up vet fees.

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