Buddy is around two to three years old and a very small cross-breed, probably with a mini-pinscher content. Buddy has been in our Cyprus Shelter for a couple of months.

Buddy is a charming companion, embodying the warmth and resilience that defines dogs like him. His age suggests a balance between youthful energy and the calm demeanor often found in mature dogs, making him a delightful addition to any home.

This petite cross-breed, possibly infused with mini-pinscher genes, showcases an endearing combination of characteristics. His stay at the Cyprus Shelter indicates his resilience and ability to adapt to new environments.

Buddy’s playful spirit shines through in his love for Zoomies, reflecting a buoyant and lively nature that promises moments of joy and laughter for his future family.

This, coupled with his affectionate disposition, makes him an ideal candidate for a household seeking a companion who craves both playtime and cuddles.

Notably, Buddy’s amiable nature extends beyond the human realm, as he gets along harmoniously with other dogs, cats, and children. His social adaptability suggests a well-rounded temperament, capable of fitting into a diverse range of family dynamics.

During walks, Buddy displays commendable leash manners, a trait that enhances the overall walking experience for both the dog and owner. This indicates a cooperative nature, making outdoor activities a pleasant and enjoyable routine.

As for Buddy’s potential new home, he seems like an adaptable and loving soul who could thrive in various settings. Whether in a family with children, or other pets or as a loyal companion for an individual or couple, Buddy’s versatility makes him a flexible and loving addition to any household.

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