Buffy is a delightful 18-month-old female Pug/French Bulldog/Pomeranian cross.

Eagerly anticipates the day she can claim her very own spot on the sofa!

Having spent her formative months surrounded by the joyful chaos of children and the companionship of another canine friend, Buffy embodies a charmingly sweet-natured disposition coupled with an irresistibly affectionate demeanor.

While her exuberance might manifest in vocal greetings upon encountering visitors, she swiftly settles into a state of contentment, reveling in the attention lavished upon her; it’s clear that all she requires is a gentle boost in confidence to truly flourish.

Despite her diminutive size, Buffy possesses a boundless enthusiasm for daily walks, showcasing her zest for life and readiness to embrace new adventures.

With her endearing habit of entertaining the household’s little ones by sitting up on her hind legs and playfully waving her front paws, Buffy brings endless joy and laughter to her surroundings, solidifying her status as a beloved family member in the making.

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Rovers Dog Rescue Brentwood Essex
Rovers Dog Rescue Brentwood Essex

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