Burton is a 6 month old male Border Collie Cross. He was born in the UK in May 2022. He is medium size: around 50cm/17 kilos but still growing, so can add 5-6 cm and 5-6 kilos when grown.

Not neutered due to early age (not recommended before 10-12 months old). He is currently located in Stockport, SK65, UK, but the family is ready to transport any place over to the UK. He and his brother were adopted by his family at the age of 9 weeks.

He is family always dreamed about two dogs and everything was fine until recently. Brothers were often fighting between themselves, but earlier it was more playful and they easily stopped.

But now they are in their teenage age and everything getting worse and worse. The family truly loves both dogs and was not going to give up. They visited trainers and behaviourists and did all they could.

Burton is an absolutely friendly and loving puppy. He is friendly to all humans and ALL dogs EXCEPT their own brother and unfortunately, behaviourists confirmed it happens between siblings. And if it happens it is very difficult to change.

Both puppies are now getting traumatic experiences. And under behaviourist advice brothers need to be separated as soon as possible, as their experiences between themselves can change their characters for the worse and they can become reactive in the future.

A few days ago they had a very serious fight. It was so bad that one of my brothers was taken to the vet in an emergency. The family is absolutely desperate, they are crying and feel awfully having to take such a hard decision about BURTON’s rehoming.

And this is an URGENT rehoming as the family can’t trust any longer to leave puppies together. WE ARE LOOKING FOR URGENT FOSTER or FAMILY TO ADOPT.

This is what his family says about him: “Burton is a gorgeous 7-month-old. The only reason he needs a rehome is that he and his brother are clashing.

He’s fully housetrained, very intelligent, and responds to training, especially with treats. He loves to learn. He’s a biggish boy but gentle and friendly if boisterous like any puppy.

He loves running with other dogs in open spaces. Burton would make a beautiful addition to any family who has time and space for him”.

He is an active, playful, loving, and very smart boy. He never had any aggression toward any human or other dogs on the walk. He is just a puppy.

Will perfectly suit an active family, without or with kids 8+, and can be with another friendly medium-large adult female dog (should be spayed).

Burton is still a very young puppy and would need further training to become a perfect family pet. We will be happy to provide useful tips for settlement and training.

He is healthy and has a UK vaccination history. Not Neutered (not recommended before 10-12 months). Microchipped.

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