Buzzby – 1-2 year old male English Cocker Spaniel cross English Springer Spaniel

Buzzby is a 1-2 year old male English Cocker Spaniel cross English Springer Spaniel. He came from a family home and is a good looking young spaniel who loves a cuddle, whoever is lucky enough to adopt him will get a great dog. Hes very fit and active but when indoors he likes nothing better than to climb on your lap. He does like to be involved in everything you do and will follow you around indoors and out.

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If left to his own intentions or stressed he will eat anything plants, sticks, pebbles, poo and this needs to be managed. He’s a typical young spaniel really. He can be nervous when meeting new people and dogs but after an initial introduction he loves any attention. He’s not aggressive but does have a loud bark and doesn’t always pick up signs from other dogs that they don’t want to be friends.

There has been one bite incident after a long walk when Buzzby was in the boot of the car and was approached, he gave a warning growl and when they went back to stroke he bit their hand.

He’s really blossomed in foster living with 2 other dogs and is much more confident, and I think he would benefit from living with another young dog who would play with him. He has very long legs and can jump up when he wants something and for this reason he needs to go with older children just incase he could knock a little one over in his excitement.

He would take the opportunity to jump up steal food, or pick anything up off the floor to eat, which he might guard although he is easily distracted. Buzz was diagnosed with struvite crystals in his urine, which is easy managed by specialist food readily available or by preparing his food yourself using guidance available on the internet.

You will need to watch his diet to ensure he doesn’t eat anything unsuitable in addition to his daily allowance. It is recommended that his urine is tested on a regular basis, as this can indicate a change in his urinary health very quickly. Home kits to test the PH in urine is the easiest way to check this on a regular basis. The normal PH for dogs is 6 – 6.5, if higher than this a vet visit is recommended. As long as he doesn’t eat lots of treats and tidbits and he remains on a specialist diet he’s not expected to have any issues.

He sleeps well at night alone in a covered crate. He can be left in or outside his crate and settles quickly. He will chew plastic toys or bottles and is better left without anything to ensure he doesn’t swallow any pieces. He travels really well in a crate, harnessed on the back seat or in the boot and loves to go to the forest or beach.

Out and about he’s very active and has done canicross in the past, he is whistle trained and has good recall, although he can pull on the lead but responds well with a figure of 8 lead on.

He hasn’t got a particularly high prey drive, but he will chase deer. Buzz does know wait and go on then for his food, but he needs to be fed separately and left to finish his meal, as he will growl and guard it. When he’s finished he will happily allow other dogs to lick his bowl and he will lick theirs.

He does require a lot of exercise and is very fit, he loves water, and is looking for an active home with access to wide open spaces so he can run some energy off and then come home and snuggle up.

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