Casey – 8 month old male Labrador

Casey is an 8 month old male Labrador. He is being fostered in Devon in adult home and other dogs. Casey came into our care due to his owner not being able to cope with him, she was very honest about this and with a sick relative to look after was finding it all too much. Unable to meet his exercise needs and him getting older he was bouncing of the ceiling as you can imagine.

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Since coming into foster the first few days he was all over the place some of it stress some of it not really knowing what was expected of him and not understanding boundaries. First day all puppy stuff but no off switch. A week later, different dog, he is being walked a couple of times a day off the lead, learning about manners boundaries. Walking down to the town with his halti on you can see how lovely he is. He is learning about manners with the other dogs and not to jump all over them and is already much more relaxed and polite. Betty the chocolate Lab in his bed – Casey with her.

Casey is a baby, he is bright and picking up training extremely quickly. He can be left for short periods with the other dogs with no problems now. He is greatest fault is he counter surfing for food (sound familiar for lab owners lol).

Casey has a wonderful nature he has no malice in him just a big puppy who needs to be shown and guided to what is expected of him. Their older granddaughter has been staying with them and he is good as gold with her – travelling in the car he is amazing he just settles down and has been laying with his head on their grand daughter’s lap.

Off the lead he is very good, loves chasing his ball and always comes back when called. He is good with other dogs now he not so ott with them and more relaxed around them in the home. At night chilling. Off the lead over the moors, he is the one with long line on as was early days with him.

Casey needs someone looking for buddy, he is an active bright dog and needs an active home. Casey needs a home where he will be the centre of someone’s world, he needs to go back to basics, puppy training school, active home with people who loves walking and hiking.

He is okay with adult home or people with no young children as he really needs the time at this point in his life. He has the makings of a great dog, no real issues, he is not complicated at all, just a young dog with amazing temperament who has not been trained but is learning so quickly – just needs that to continue with the right owners with the time.

We would prefer somebody who has rescued before, someone who would maybe do agility or something similar. He needs a partnership with someone and someone who wants that sort of dog – a friend and companion.

Casey is fully vaccinated, neutered, chipped, flea/wormed.

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