Casper is approximately 10 kg, 7 year old male Beagle Cross.

Little Casper arrived in the shelter after he was found roaming as a stray. He’s a lovely little dog with a gentle, calm nature, not a single bad bone in his body and a very loyal streak. At just 10kg he’s a really manageable size for someone looking for an easy to handle dog.

Casper is an easygoing dog and a firm favourite with the shelter volunteers due to his charming character. He’s the type of dog that could easily be overshadowed by bigger, bolder personalities, but when you take the time to get to know Casper he’s really quite special.

Originally it was suspected that Casper was around four years old, but the more we have spent time with him we think he’s actually a slightly older dog and could be around seven.

We don’t know what Casper’s story was before he came to the shelter, but we hope that he’s been treated with kindness throughout the years. He is very sweet, friendly and gentle toward people, and is always more than happy to be fussed over, cuddled and stroked.

He has the happiest little face and it doesn’t take very much to keep him content! He adores people of all ages, from adults to children, and is always very polite. He’s not the type of dog to jump all over you with excitement, instead, he’ll greet you with a gentle tail wag and nestle into you.

Casper is great with other dogs and is also a very calming influence. He shares his kennel with another male and the pair of them, despite being very different in their personalities, get on really well. Casper enjoys canine company but he doesn’t struggle on his own either, and would be quite content either with or without a resident dog in his forever home.

He walks so well alongside his closest shelter pals when they go out of their daily walk and does enjoy socialising with them, but it’s definitely not a dealbreaker.

Casper walks well on the lead and rarely pulls. He loves being outside and is interested in everything going on around him, but is equally happy to come back to his kennel and chill out, napping through the afternoon or snuggling up the volunteers.

He takes treats gently and he won’t fight for attention either, he will just patiently wait for his turn.

Casper’s ideal home would be based slightly outside of the city where there’s nice green spaces to explore and a calm surrounding environment. He would really love a home with direct access to a little garden so he can potter about out there and enjoy sunbathing (on the rare occasion the UK sees the sun).

And although he doesn’t ask for too much, he’s a beagle mix after all so would still welcome a moderately active lifestyle with a family who enjoy leisurely walks. If you’re looking for a little, loyal and loving companion, Casper could be the ideal match.

Casper is currently based in Cyprus and has a clean bill of health. He is ready to travel once he finds his forever home.

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