0-1 years (Puppies for Adoption)

See the latest puppies for adoption on dogsblog.com. Dogs under one year of age are classed as puppies. Puppies for adoption are regularly added to dogsblog.com. A popular myth is there are few rescue puppies for adoption in the UK. Well, we’ve got loads. Take a look.

Petunia – 7 month old female Cross-Breed

Petunia, a delightful 7-month-old female of small stature and cross breed, is an absolute charmer. With her endearing personality and boundless energy, she brings joy wherever she goes. Whether frolicking with her furry pals, enjoying car rides, indulging in her…

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Zserbo – 6 month old female Cross-Breed

Zserbo is a 6-month-old female cross-breed puppy, born in August 2023, and rescued in November 2023 from a kill shelter in Hungary alongside her sibling, Gesztenye. Currently weighing 13 kg with a shoulder height of 43 cm, she is expected…

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