Akita Cross

An Akita Cross typically refers to a mixed-breed dog that has Akita ancestry. Akitas are known for their strength, loyalty, and distinctive appearance. The crossbreed may inherit traits from both the Akita and the other breed in its lineage, resulting in a unique combination of characteristics. These dogs can vary widely in size, coat color, and temperament, depending on the specific breeds involved in the cross.

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In the meantime, have you thought about adopting an Akita? They may come in all shapes and sizes but are likely to include some of your favorite breed’s traits.

Hanson – 16 week old male German Shepherd Cross Akita

Hanson is a 16-week-old German Shepherd Cross Akita, born with a deformity in his forelimb that resembles a little wing. Despite this, he manages to get around exceptionally well. Having been raised in an environment with both children and cats,…

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