English Setter

The English Setter is an elegant and energetic hunting breed known for its distinctive feathered coat. With a friendly and gentle nature, Setters make affectionate family pets.

Have you thought about adopting an English Setter Cross? They may include some of your favourite breed’s traits.

Sory – 9 year old male English Setter

Sory is a nine-year-old male English Setter. This energetic dog boasts a strong build and a stunning coat. Despite his age, Sory remains remarkably lively and affectionate. He forms strong attachments to people and eagerly responds when called, always seeking…

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Turca – 3 year old female English Setter

Turca, a charming three-year-old female English Setter, embodies the epitome of grace and warmth. Initially reserved, this beautiful canine reveals her true, wonderful nature once she gains confidence. Her endearing personality extends beyond human companionship, as she not only gets…

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