Spaniel Cross

The Spaniel Cross is a mix breed that combines the charming personality and intelligence of spaniels with other breeds. They may vary in size, coat type, and temperament.

Have you thought about adopting a Spanish Greyhound (Galgos)? They may include some of your favourite breed’s traits.

Helena – 2 year old female Spaniel Cross Retriever

Helena is a two-year-old female Spaniel/Retriever cross, currently residing in a shelter in Cyprus. Despite her adorable appearance and affectionate nature, she has been overlooked for adoption for over a year. Helena boasts a glossy black coat and a heart…

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Jacob – 2 year old male Spaniel Cross

Jacob is a 2-year-old medium-sized Spaniel cross boy currently residing in Cyprus. This soulful, strong, and independent canine possesses a phenomenal character on multiple levels. Living in a shelter with a diverse canine community, Jacob manages to maintain an inner…

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