Chile is a 5-year-old female Pug cross Jack Russell Terrier.

The kindest little dog in town. She adores children, people, and gets along well with other dogs.

This affectionate pooch is known for her excellent off-lead walking manners and sensible behaviour in every situation. She revels in her daily walks and cherishes cuddle time, often snuggling up on the armchair with her favourite humans.

During the night, Chile sleeps soundly in her crate, which she is accustomed to and keeps clean. She has a versatile palate, enjoys both raw and cooked food, and travels with ease.

While she may bark at strangers if not taken out regularly, she quickly settles down, and her off-lead behaviour shows improvement as she calmly passes by with just a quick glance.

Although she’s not a fan of rain, she’ll tolerate it without much fuss. Chile is spayed, vaccinated, and enjoys good health without any issues.

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