Chip – 12 month old male Terrier Cross

Chip is a 12 month old male Terrier Cross. On a recent trip to Spain I was asked if I could help with this sweet lovely boy which had been named Chip. He like a lot of dogs showed up in a village in Spain a bag of bones trying to somehow survive but not doing very well after being dumped. He is too sweet and unsure to be a street dog here they are only for the toughest of dogs and he was very lucky that lady took him under her wing.

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When I met him it was out of his comfort zone as it was a busy urbanisation with lots going on. But what a sweet little dog – he is still a bit skinny but compared with what he looked like he is getting there. This sweet little boy has so much love to give, he has a wonderful temperament and that is why we agreed to help him. He is living in a multi dog household and loves the other dogs, they have never had any problems with him and his foster carer feels he needs to be homed with another dog ideally as he enjoyed playing. He sleeps on her bed and is described as very loving and a cuddle monster. He also travels fine in the car.

We took him for a walk round and because it was so busy he was quite nervous as you can see from the videos but we met cats, dogs, people etc and although not sure he coped very well. He was very friendly with everyone he met especially the lady who runs the restaurant who brought him out some fresh chicken which he loved and was gentle taking it.

I think he is crossed with a Bodeguero Andaluz which he is mainly which is very similar to the Parsons Jack Russell here in UK. Chip would benefit from a quiet home in the country not sure he would enjoy a busy town – another dog to play with and someone who will not mind him on the sofa cuddling up to them. I think an adult home would be best as he is not very confident – but cannot see him being a problem with visiting children at all I just think he would prefer the quiet life most of the time. He needs people who have had rescue dogs before, I do not think he is particularly complicated but just needs people who will not have high expectations of him and give him the time to bond with them and slowly introduce him to the world.

Chip is neutered, blood tested, will be vaccinated and will have his own Pet Passport – please email us if you feel he could be the right match for you.

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