Coco – 1 year old female Wire-Haired Dachshund

Coco is a 1 year old female Wire-Haired Dachshund. She is now ready to start looking for a home of her own. This lovely lady is clever, and enthusiastic and would love an active home to put her energy and brains to good use! Little Coco would like her new home to be in a relatively quiet area. She can find meeting lots of pets and strangers overwhelming and would find this difficult should she have to encounter them on a daily basis on her walks. Unfortunately, Coco also worries about being in the car, so it’s essential she has access to quiet areas and walks from home.

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As mentioned, Coco can find meeting new pets quite overwhelming and can be very reactive when out on walks. This is something that new owners will need to put time, effort, and consistent training in to help them overcome in the future. As a result, Coco will need to be the only pet in the home, but she could have walking friends once her training is further along and she feels less worried about meeting them. The rehoming team at Teckels has started some work on this and is happy to work with her new owners in the future.

Coco has previously lived in a home where she could be left for short periods, so there is a possibility that she could work towards this again in her new home. However, Coco did have some trouble with her house training and chewing when left on her own, as well as when she had company; we would therefore like Coco’s new owners to be around for the majority of the day to keep a close eye on her. Housetraining and not chewing may be something that takes a while for Coco to get the hang of. We would encourage potential adopters to really be prepared for how much time, effort, and consistency is required to improve these behavioral quirks as well.

Once Coco knows you, she is a super happy, friendly lady. She loves being up on the sofa for snuggles, enjoys playing with toys, and loves being out and about investigating in the fields. Although it may take her a few ‘go’s’ to get to know you, Coco really is a sweetie and could potentially live with teenagers. She loves being fussed, is always enthusiastic about training sessions, and will eat tasty treats until she pops!

We fully understand that Coco is absolutely gorgeous and who wouldn’t want to take this little beauty home?! But we would really like to ensure that her next home is her forever home. Please do try and look past all the cuteness and really think about how much time and dedication is required to help her. Again, Coco will need assistance with meeting new people, significant socializing and training around other dogs, lead work, housetraining, and plenty of physical and mental stimulation, as well as management at home to ensure she isn’t chewing undesirable or dangerous objects. She’s not a pooch for the faint-hearted but will be the most amazing addition to a family who has the time and patience to really invest in her.

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