Coco is a 4 year old female American Bulldog Cross. Sadly Coco is coming back into rescue due to some issues with the other resident dog.

Here is what her family have said about her. Coco is an incredibly intelligent, loyal and loving dog.

Coco loves people and has all the love, focus and attention. When on her own she is much calmer and responds incredibly well to training.

Coco picks up commands easily and has so much more to offer. Coco is non-destructive and happy to be left at home without issue.

Coco is an active dog, who loves her walks but also loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa, she just wants to keep you happy and show you love.

Her absolute favourite is her ball though, she loves any type of ball play and her recall is excellent when you have a ball, she does not guard and is happy to drop on command but we haven’t quite nailed bringing it right up to your feet!

Coco can be very high-energy, we have worked hard to help calm her but she can jump up when excited but soon stops once corrected.

Coco has a very high prey drive and is very fast, she has caught squirrels and mice in our garden as we are in the country, so couldn’t live with cats.

Coco can also be an escape artist, so a secure garden with 6ft + high fencing is needed as she can jump high. Coco is good off lead, as long as you have her ball you have her focus.

Coco is not bothered about other dogs if you have a ball, she socialises well with my friend’s dogs and goes on an off-lead pack walk in fields each week which she loves.

On the lead she can pull but responds well to a dogmatic head collar, she can react to other dogs she doesn’t know on walks when on a lead but is corrected relatively easily but more work in this area would be beneficial, once she knows a dog after introduction she is fine walking with them on lead.

We don’t have children however she has always been very well-behaved with my friend’s daughter who is 6, even walking nicely on the lead for her! But I would recommend older children or dog-savvy children due to her size and energy.

I can’t describe how fantastic Coco is overall, she will make a wonderful pet to a person or family who doesn’t have other pets so she gets all the love.

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Team Ilbrey K9 Partners

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