Daisy is a 1.5-year-old female cross breed, weighing 9 kg, who found herself in rescue care in Hungary in August 2023. She arrived at the shelter accompanied by her four young and vulnerable pups, a consequence of an unwanted litter her previous owner chose not to take responsibility for.

Despite her challenging past, Daisy exudes a kind and friendly nature. She is a loving and affectionate dog who has seamlessly adapted to shelter life, coexisting peacefully with several other dogs.

With her tail perpetually wagging, Daisy is a true sweetheart, radiating happiness in most situations. She demonstrates sociability with her canine companions, exhibiting curiosity and a love for exploration.

Her recall is commendable, making her an enjoyable companion for walks and outings. Daisy’s potential as a treasured family pet is apparent, and she deserves a loving home where she can thrive, free from the confines of shelter living.

Ideal for families willing to integrate her into their activities, Daisy requires a home where she won’t be left alone for extended periods. As a first-time resident in a proper home, she may need some time to adjust, but her adaptable nature ensures a smooth transition. Daisy’s sociable disposition extends to older children, making her a suitable companion for families with older, dog-savvy kids.

Daisy’s versatility extends to her interactions with other animals. She could happily coexist with other friendly dogs or relish being the sole recipient of her family’s attention. Remarkably, she also has the potential to live harmoniously with cats, showcasing her amiable and accommodating temperament.

Prospective adopters should be experienced with rescue dogs, as Daisy, like all rescues, requires patience, time, love, and commitment to blossom into a well-balanced and content dog. Preference is given to those with prior experience, and first-time owners are advised not to apply.

Currently residing in Hungary, Daisy eagerly awaits the right family to facilitate her journey to the UK. She comes fully prepared for adoption, spayed, fully vaccinated, microchipped, dewormed, and equipped with an EU passport and DEFRA-approved paperwork. Adoption is contingent upon a home check and adoption fee, with full Responsible Breeding Unit information provided.

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