Delilah – 3-4 year old female French Bulldog

Delilah is a 3-4 year old female French Bulldog. “I came to SEDR as an unclaimed stray. I have been chronically bred from – and most likely dumped as I was no longer ‘useful’ to those using me to make money.

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I have now been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped. I have shown to be extremely friendly and loving with everyone I have met whilst being in kennels – men and women.

However, it was reported in my first foster home that I nipped the feet of the man in the home several times..(not the female in the home).

I was only in this home for 24 hours… so this may have stopped as I settled, but needs to be carefully considered if there is a male in my home (full behavioural support will be given if and when needed).

I have been in a female-only foster home for almost 2 weeks and have been an absolute delight! I loved the garden and sunbathing and have been as loving and snuggly with my foster mum as I have been with all of the volunteers at the rescue.

Here’s what my foster mum says about me – “Well…what can I say about Miss Delilah – other than she is just a little dreamboat and would be perfect for someone that has enough energy to do a couple of walks a day but likes a placid, snuggly and snoozy dog!” – Quote.

She is house-trained. She loves her sleep and I have typically been letting her out for the last toilet around 9 pm when I come down at about 6 am she is not that bothered and doesn’t go outside for a while.

I think she has been trained to know she is not allowed upstairs as she shows no interest in following me upstairs.

Delilah loves snuggling up on the sofa and she loves her snoozing. She snoozes a lot! She gets very excited when she sees the lead and her harness – bum wiggles are at the max!

I have been doing a walk in the morning and one late afternoon, both about 30 mins – ish each and that seems enough for her and she snoozes a lot after both.

I was pottering in my garden over the weekend, and she took herself off to my living room and snoozed on the sofa rather than being in the garden! She knows basic words like wait, to come, to stay, to sit etc. She loves a treat and is easy to train with food rewards.

Delilah loves back scratches and tummy rubs. Does lurk around me when I am making my food and is hopeful that she will get something, but she doesn’t make a fuss or demand so to speak, just sits there in hope.

We have been in parks, and on pavements and we went to a farmers’ market one morning (lots of people and dogs) and she is well-behaved and seemed unfazed by all of it. When dogs come up for a sniff, 99% of the time she has been fine, but in a couple of dogs (I think both male and both Frenchie’s) she let out a slight little growl – but nothing too sinister.

Think she had had enough of them sniffing her. She hasn’t been off-lead but would go chasing after rabbits, squirrels or anything else small and furry (maybe feathered as well!).

Delilah’s shown zero interest in nipping my feet which was mentioned in her former foster home – she just likes to rest her head on mine and sleep! She doesn’t have any separation anxiety.

I put my old cat camera on when I have popped out and she pretty much goes straight to her bed and sleeps.

Delilah is also quite happy lying on the sofa when I am in another room pottering about so doesn’t need to follow me. Fine in the car. Needs a little help getting into the back of a car and sometimes onto the sofa!

Delilah is such a sweet girl and if she could snuggle into her human all day long for cuddles she would! A home without any other pets (I am friendly with almost all dogs out and about but am unable to share my home with another dog).

I have been assessed with cats – and they are an absolute no-no – so please don’t ask – no matter how dog savvy your cat is.

Ideally a female-only home – or with a male in the family who is prepared to work on any feet-nipping issues. A home without children (she has met children out and about and has been great, but she has not been assessed with children in a home).

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