Dennis is a 5-month-old Basset Fauve de Bretagne cross, born in September 2023. His lineage includes a basset fauve for a mother, and his father is unknown.

Despite the mystery surrounding his paternal side, Dennis exudes confidence and charm, asserting himself as the boss, the happiest, and the bravest in his young canine world.

His spirited personality shines through as the “alpha pup,” and he manages well with other dogs and children, as long as he’s in charge.

This delightful character possesses a mix of charm, beauty, and a strong sense of self-awareness. With his upbeat nature, Dennis promises to bring joy and liveliness to any household lucky enough to adopt him.

It’s worth noting that his compatibility with other dogs and children hinges on his role as the leader, making him a lovable but assertive addition to the family.

For those interested in adopting Dennis, it’s important to provide a secure garden with fencing or walls at a minimum height of 5ft.

Due to his scent hound heritage and hunting background, keeping him on a lead, long lunge lead, or utilizing enclosed fields for off-lead exercise is crucial. Additionally, the adoption is restricted to households with children aged 6 and above.

Prospective adopters in the UK need not worry about travel arrangements, as everything will be coordinated to ensure a smooth transition for Dennis to his new home.

The adoption process comes with full rescue back-up, ensuring ongoing support for both Dennis and his new family.

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