Dino is an 8 month old male Labrador Cross. He was found at around 4 weeks with a severe neck injury. However he has now only a tiny scar and suffers no long lasting issues. He is currently around 15 kgs but will be a large dog as an adult.

Dino is a lovely little boy, with a huge heart and once he gets to know you, he is a real cuddlebug! He is a total family dog and loves his kids and family, he enjoys nothing better than cuddling up on the sofa or running around the garden with the kids!

Dino is very gentle and nurturing and has a lot of patience for smaller children. He would thrive in a home where children live or visit regularly, as he loves being around them.

Dino is very eager to please his human and wants to learn, so he would benefit from having someone who can do several 5 min training sessions each day to build up his confidence. Dino thrives on routine and likes to know what is coming next, his confidence increases hugely with familiar activities, routes and people.

Dino can be nervous when meeting people for the first time, but as long as visitors are calm and let him carry out his own smell check without interacting (no eye contact!) Dino will then approach and go in for a stroke. Once he has made friends, you are his friend for life!

Dino has shown signs of separation anxiety, so his ideal home would be where he can be with his humans for most of the day at work or at home (although he is asleep for most of it!) Dino is becoming crate trained, he now stays in his crate overnight and will go in for a rest if he needs a break from the family hustle and bustle.

Using the crate may be the best option to keep him safe if he has to be left for a short period, as he still a young puppy and loves to chew! If his new family would be willing to work on his separation anxiety in small steady doses, he seems to be easily trainable.

Dino is now going for 2 walks a day and, although on his first few walks he barked when he saw other dogs, he can now walk past most of them at a distance showing interest rather than being reactive. Once Dino is familiar with an area or walking route, he relaxes enough to show interest in his surroundings and is much more confident.

Dino is a lovely young boy, very gentle natured and kind – he is easily intimidated and his nervousness around new experiences can be overcome with plenty of cuddles and patience when he is doing something for the first time.

He is sterilised, vaccinated, rabies injection and microchipped.

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