(Rehomed) Dolly – 2 year old female Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cross

Dolly is a 2 year old female Cardigan Welsh Corgi Cross. She was relinquished to us by her breeder as he did not want her being sold on for breeding, instead, he asked us to find her a pet home.

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Dolly will be loved and cherished for the rest of her life, she was one of 7 dogs relinquished to us and all the others are now thriving in their forever homes, Dolly was more timid so we wanted to give her a bit longer to gain some confidence before looking for her home.

Dolly is full pedigree and has been fully health tested for all the usual breed ailments. She is a cracking dog both inside and out and her adopters will be very lucky indeed.

Is Dolly the dog for you? The Cardigan is a more laid-back character as compared to their Pembroke cousins although when the need arises they can be extremely quick off the mark. They form strong bonds with their owners and are always willing to work when asked.

With this said they are highly adaptable characters that fit well into most lifestyles with the greatest of ease.

They are intelligent little dogs that like to be kept busy which means they are best suited to people who live in more rural areas of the country and who lead active outdoor lives.

Being so intelligent and eager to please in the right hands and environment a Welsh Cardigan Corgi is easy to train and will quickly pick things up.

The downside is that they are just as quick to pick up any bad habits and behaviours too. As such dogs need to be handled and trained with a firm yet fair and gentle hand so they understand what is expected of them.

They can be a little aloof and wary around people they don’t know but rarely would a Cardigan show any sort of aggression towards a stranger preferring to keep their distance until they get to know someone.

Are they a good choice for first-time owners? Cardies are the perfect choice for first-time dog owners because they are so amenable and people-oriented loving nothing more than to please and to entertain their families.

They are particularly good with children and older people too. With this said they are better suited to people who like to take long walks because Cardies thrive on being in the great outdoors and would happily walk for hours.

What about playfulness? Cardies are known to have a very playful side to their natures and love to entertain and be entertained. They are known to be a little mischievous when the mood takes them and being so clever they quickly learn what pleases an owner and how to get their way.

What about adaptability? Cardies are highly adaptable dogs and providing they are given enough daily physical exercise combined with as much mental stimulation to prevent boredom from setting in they are just as happy living in an apartment in town as they would be living in a house in the country.

Cardies are natural watchdogs which is something that is deeply embedded in their psyche and as such they are always quick off the mark when it comes to protecting their owners and their property.

They tend to stick close to strangers until their owners come to check out what is going on. The Cardigan Corgi can either have a short or medium-length length extremely weatherproof coat thanks to a softer and much denser undercoat.

They are low maintenance on the grooming front as it only takes a twice-weekly brush to remove any dead and loose hair and a weekly wipe with chamois leather to help keep a nice sheen on their coats.

Dolly is not used to being walked on a lead, she will need a patient adopter who is happy to carry on her training with this, she is comfortable with a harness and long line which we have been using in a secure field.

Dolly is house-trained and not destructive, she is also fine with cats and other dogs, she is used to young children so can be homed with children aged 6 years plus. Once Dolly knows you, she is a lovely little lady, she is initially timid while she susses you out.

Dolly has a very cheeky side and loves to play with toys, dogs and people! She loves to tug with other dogs! Dolly loves her food and home comforts! Dolly is only a small girl, her last weight was 9kg.

Dolly having a long coat will need regular grooming which she is fine with, she is often described as a little legs collie and always mistaken for a collie pup!

We are looking for a home preferably with experience of the breed, and a companion dog that she can play with and learn from, a confident dog that doesn’t mind playing would be ideal for her.

Dolly travels perfectly in the car and is an absolute joy to have, she will make you laugh every day with her antics, I wish she could stay with me but she deserves her own family.

This lovely girl would make a fantastic addition to any family as she is a lovely cuddly loyal companion. Dolly is neutered, and chipped, she is flea and wormed and has a passport. Could you give this beautiful girl the happy ever after she deserves?

All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex
All Animals Rescue and Rehome Essex

For further details regarding adopting a dog from All Animals Rescue and Rehome in Essex please email animalrescueandrehome@hotmail.co.uk. Please note, emails/applications etc are responded to as soon as possible, but this may be up to 4 days.

All animals rescue and re-homing is a non kill rescue that will take any animal in need of rescue. All animals that come in will be fully vet checked, flead and wormed, neutered, microchipped and vaccinated, also every animal will be fully assesed in a home environment for at least 3 weeks. All potential adopters will be asked to complete a questionnaire and an adoption fee from £175 applies.

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