Doris, a delightful 5-month-old female small cross breed, embodies the quintessential characteristics of a playful, affectionate, and cheerful pup, ready to embark on a lifelong journey with her new forever family.

Still in the growing stages, Doris, with her shorter legs, is expected to retain her petite size even when fully matured.

This little bundle of energy and love thrives on attention, cuddles, and fuss from anyone willing to be her new best friend. Having experienced the company of children, Doris could seamlessly integrate into a home with older kids, given her exuberant and bouncy nature.

Her love for food, treats, and play is evident, occasionally extending to exploring an array of toys and, on occasion, a slipper!

Doris currently shares her foster home with other dogs, engaging in lively running and playing sessions, followed by contented snoozes on her bed.

Adaptable to various living arrangements, Doris could either be homed with other dogs or relish the role of the sole recipient of her new family’s attention.

In the process of housetraining, Doris exhibits promising signs by using puppy pads and is learning to venture into the garden for toilet breaks. While she accepts the lead, further time and confidence-building would enhance her comfort with this aspect.

As a young pup, Doris is yet to be spayed, requiring a commitment from potential adopters to address this when she reaches the appropriate age. Her health is diligently monitored, having received vaccinations, microchipping, and a vet health check.

Currently fostering in Cambridgeshire, Doris eagerly awaits a loving and patient family.

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