Dougie – 11-12 month old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross

Dougie is a 11-12 month old male Jack Russell Terrier Cross. He is a friendly, loving and active boy. Not neutered. Small size: just 28 cm / 9 kilos. He is playful with the other dogs on walks, but can be selectively friendly to other and gets quickly hyperaroused and can lunge. Not tested for cats. Ideally will suit active family with kids over 9-10 years old as a single pet. Already in UK, Preston, Lancashire. PR21XR.

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Unfortunately current family is having issues with Dougie and residential dog, also Dougie started to jump on their small kids who gets very upset. Family loves Dougie and is very sad to make this decision.

That’s what family says about Dougie: ” He is a loving and playful dog, will initiate play. He loves to cuddle and showers you with kisses. He is trained to most commands and is toilet trained, excellent recall and the whistle. He struggles with anxiety and will not tolerate you being out of sight, will follow you around the home, is nervous with any sudden movements or noises and will be vocal about it.

When left alone in the home for short periods however he is non destructive. He wishes to play with other dogs but can suddenly turn aggressive and lunge so must be kept on a lead. He has a fear of cars travelling and does not tolerate travel, will be vocal and shake, if travel is essential he must be in a crate as he will jump around in fear.

He is possessive/ aggressive at meal times if other dogs are present. Veterenarian feels he would benefit from some behavioural training to help with anxiety. We feel he would be best suited with a couple or a family with children over the age of 10.

He requires regular exercise to maintain stimulation. Needs to be the only dog in the home , with a family who can commit to training further. With these factors in place we are sure he will thrive as he is incredibly clever. Wherever he goes we will supply his bed, toys, leads etc.

Dougie was living from a puppy with family but unfortunately his mum and dad been separated and there was no time for a dog so they contacted rescue to help out to find a loving home for him.

DOUGIE has no known health issues; Vaccinated rabies, DHLPP, provided worms/fleas treatment, microchipped. Not neutered.

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