Dozer -2 year old male Old Tyme Bulldog

Dozer is a young lad new in and we are just getting to know him. He is very friendly and has unusual beautiful colouring. What previous owner has to say about Dozer.  “He loves cuddles and lots of attention, he likes just to be close to you, if he had his way he would sleep on your lap every night. He is full of energy and loves long walks but is very strong and pulls quite a bit on the lead. He is good off lead but we always make sure there is no one around first as he likes attention off of anyone and will charge towards them out of excitement! If he gets very excited he sometimes wees a little, especially when meeting new people. He also has a tendency to jump up when new people enter the house through excitement.

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He has never really been a chewer (he’s chewed on a few occasions) but we’ve always made sure he has lots of bones. He is very playful, but such a loving dog. We’ve never had an issue with him with other dogs or children, the only threat with him and children is his size and excitement, he charges without slowing down.”

We will be doing our own assessment on him once he’s settled but he is already quite a big hit here!

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