Dudley – 4 year old male West Highland White Terrier

Dudley is a 4 year old male West Highland White Terrier who is neutered. He is looking for his forever new home so he can live a full and active life. Dudley will need the help of experienced Terrier owners as he comes with a few issues that in time will calm down with progressive training.

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He has issues with sudden movements near him, being touched unexpectedly or touching him anywhere near his rear end. When any of this are done, he will fly off into a temper, barking and trying to bite his tail and you cant go near him. But he is very voice commanded, once you say calmly a few times Dudley calm and Dudley bed, he will take himself off to his bed for what we call time out. Dudley will then in his own time come back to you looking for the sofa to sit on.

Dudley will come to you for love and affection on his terms and will let you know when his had enough. Dudley loves belly rubs in the morning and loves to kiss your ears. He does also play very tough with his toys and finds killing toys very enjoyable, but again he will leave the toy on command ready for you to throw it. Dudley walks impeccably on his lead and always sits to cross the road.

Dudley is very house trained, very clean indeed. Dudley hasn’t been tested with cats but he gets on with other dogs very well, but his all time favourite things to do is to do squirrel and bird watch and bark quite a lot when he sees them, also reacts to seeing/hearing animals on TV, he will bark at them.

Dudley gets quite agitated in car trips but the more he goes out in the car the better he is getting. Dudley can’t be re-homed with children around as very unpredictable around their movements and noises, I would say older maybe teenage that would know to leave him alone when he wants to be. Dudley will take some time to settle in his new home and needs to gain the trust of someone and will need on going training to help him control his little tempers. In foster in Essex.

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