Duke and Sheba – 7 and 8 year old male German Shepherds

Meet Duke (male) and Sheba (female), a 7 and 8 year old pair of German Shepherds. What a gorgeous pair of dogs these two are! Sheba is loving and cuddly and Duke is playful and affectionate. Duke and Sheba are inseperable and it would break their hearts if they couldn’t find a loving home together. They love their walks and they love their food and they love to curl up next to each other and watch the world go by. They are both very friendly with everyone they meet and you will always get a big wag of their tails from both of them especially if you give them lots of cuddles but above all else Duke adores his mum Sheba and she loves him just as much as he loves her.

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duke and shep


Duke and Sheba are looking for a very loving home together and their incredible bond with each other could melt your heart. They are both suitable to live with children aged 8 years and over but would prefer to find a new home without another dog as they just love each others company. These two beautiful dogs will always give you twice as much love as you can give to them and if you could offer them a place in your heart you wouldn’t just make one dream come true but two.

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