(Rehomed) Duna – 3 year old female Basset Griffon Vendeen

Duna is a 3 year old female Basset Griffon Vendeen. She is ended up pregnant in a pound of Northern Spain. Thankfully her story changed as soon as we were made aware of them and she and her puppies came under our wings. She was so scared and worried by the world, and very fearful of people. Who knows what she had been through.

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Duna was a great mother to her babies and now they have gone to their own homes, she needs to find her forever family. We have taken some time in sharing her story, because when she first arrived, Duna wasn’t ready for her new family… she needed time to learn to trust again and to lose some of the fear that her past had caused.

Her foster family did a wonderful job helping this lovely girl come out of her shell, and with patience and time she has grown in confidence. Duna will always be on the nervous and shy side, and she takes time to warm up to new people. With reassurance and gentle affection Duna quickly learns she’s okay, and rolls over for belly rubs and a fuss, but at first she may hide or move herself away.

Her new family will need to be mindful of this, as Duna is a sensitive and submissive girl, who will be much happier in a quieter environment.

Duna is good with other dogs. She has shared her space in foster homes with other dogs and had no issues, and on walks she tends to not be very interested. She occasionally plays, but she can become overwhelmed by pushy, bouncy dogs. She’s such a gentle girl she doesn’t react, but we do feel she’d prefer a calmer companion at home.

As a Griffon breed, Duna is an active girl who loves the outdoors. She really needs to use her nose and have the chance to be in nature, so a more rural home with a fully fenced garden would be preferable.

She could live in an adult only home or one with older children (14+) if they are dog experienced. Duna walks well on the lead, and is very clean indoors. She can travel in the car, though she feels very left out in the boot, and will whine and try to get into a seat.

Once on a seat of her own, we’ve seen she can settle nicely. Duna has been left for short periods – she whines initially but does settle herself, however she will need ongoing training in this area to help her feel truly comfortable.

Someone with the time and daily routine to help with this would be best. Duna will travel with her own passport, vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and tested for Mediterranean diseases. She is in foster in Spain but ready to travel to England or Wales (not Scotland) if the right home comes forward. If you are dog experienced and have the time and patient that Duna needs to become confident and be able to settle in her new home please get in touch with us.

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