Eila is a 2 year old female Cockapoo. She came to us with horrific injuries from what we think was an RTA, she needed emergency surgery the very next day, she had an open fracture of her rear leg and also a broken pelvis. She has had screws in her pelvis and a plate and screws in her leg.

Eila’s leg took longer to heal than normal, but we have now been cleared by the vet to find her a forever home. Eila has been through a huge amount in her short life and so is looking for her extra special person. Once Eila started to heal physically we notice some behaviour that we realised would need some work. Eila was very reactive to the dogs in the foster home and also very food aggressive towards them, she would also resource guard her toys beds and even her foster mom.

I think a combination of her injury and maybe her previous life had left her feeling insecure and defensive, the foster home has worked very hard with Eila to the point where she can now eat in the same room as other dogs and will play with toys nicely with them. We still need to continue to monitor this behaviour as sometime she does slip and we never take a chance so feeding is always supervised. Eila now loves her foster brother Clifford and plays all the time in the garden with him and so we would really like her to have a doggy friend in her home.

However, this is a bit more complicated, as Eila is very dog reactive when out on a lead and currently can’t cope with being in high volume doggy areas. She needs slow and steady introduction and will need a patient and understanding doggy friend to get to know her on regular meetings. We feel she would be best matched with a dog bigger than her and a male dog.

Eila is not suitable to live with children or cats. Eila is fully crate trained and is happy to be left for a few hours each day. She sleeps upstairs in her foster moms bedroom and sleeps happily through the night. She is good in the car. Eila is a loving cuddle monster who is also clever and learns quickly. Eila needs a home who is experienced with dogs who can further her training and invest into her fully to get the very best out of this amazing little dog.

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